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Chifeng Xinyuan Gardens and Greening Engineering Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongjing Industrial Park, Ningcheng County, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia. It was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. The company is a professional garden and landscape design and construction engineering company. It is now a third-class garden qualification enterprise in Inner Mongolia. It is a large-scale entity company integrating environment, greening, landscape planning, construction, flowers, and foliage plants . Mainly undertake: 1. Landscape garden planning and design, road greening construction, urban streetscape greening projects; 2. Residential area gardens, landscaping engineering design and construction; theme gardens, sculptures, fountains, ancient buildings, and green landscape supporting design and construction; 3. Professional transplantation of large trees and green space garden maintenance; 4. Provide large-scale flower plant rental business; & nbs ...
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  • Chifeng Xinyuan Garden Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Address: Zhongjing Industrial Park, Ningcheng County, Chifeng City
  • Mobile phone: 15049901813 (manager Gao)
  • Switchboard: 0476-4243058
  • Fax: 0476-4243058
  • Email:
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Online QQ customer service
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